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Harvard is at the frontier of academic and intellectual discovery. Those who venture here—to learn, research, teach, work, and grow—join nearly four centuries of students and scholars in the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and a better world.

As a research university and nonprofit institution, Harvard is focused on creating educational opportunities for people from many lived experiences.

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Harvard University
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Harvard University
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, the Higgins Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology and the Lee and Ezpeleta Professor of Arts and Sciences
Harvard University
February 22, 2023
The research of NOMIS Awardee Catherine Dulac was highlighted in a news feature published in Nature examining the growing body of evidence that the brain affects immune responses. Dulac and […]
November 29, 2022
NOMIS Awardee Catherine Dulac, along with two other Harvard researchers, have been named University Professors, Harvard’s highest distinction for a faculty member. A molecular biologist and geneticist studying the brain […]
November 8, 2021
Recognizing their outstanding contributions to the advancement of science and human progress through their pioneering, collaborative research, the 2021 as well as the 2020 NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award […]