Johannes Fink


Johannes Fink is professor at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA). He is co-leading the Hybrid Semiconductor — Superconductor Quantum Devices project as well as the Protected States of Quantum Matter project.

Born in Austria, Fink studied physics at the University of Vienna. At ETH Zurich (Switzerland) he conducted a PhD in the field of circuit quantum electrodynamics for which he was awarded the ETH Medal in 2010. After a postdoc at ETH he became IQIM postdoctoral scholar and a senior staff scientist in the Department of Applied Physics at the California Institute of Technology. In January 2016 he started the Quantum Integrated Devices laboratory at ISTA. Fink is the recipient of numerous other awards and prizes, including the CSF Award (2009), an IQIM fellowship (2012), an ERC starting grant (2017) and the Fritz Kohlrausch award (2018).

Fink’s research is positioned at the intersection of quantum optics and mesoscopic condensed matter physics. He studies quantum coherent effects in electrical, mechanical and optical chip-based devices with the goal of advancing and integrating quantum technology for simulation, communication, sensing and metrology. During his PhD at ETH Zurich he observed the geometric phase and studied fundamental interactions between light and matter in superconducting electrical circuits. As a postdoc at Caltech he developed a new electro-mechanics platform and demonstrated motional ground state cooling of a dielectric nanobeam. At IST he used mechanical motion to realize an on-chip microwave circulator, for which he was awarded the physics prize of the Austrian Physical Society, and to deterministically generate and distribute entangled microwave radiation.