RESEARCHis our passion

Research is the vital expression of humankind’s most important qualities: curiosity and imagination. It is the basis for all knowledge and discovery. And that is why supporting research is our first priority and our passion.

PEOPLEare our inspiration

Researchers, explorers, inventors, pioneers – frontiers of science and the humanities. Their imagination and persistence drive all progress, overcome all odds and build the future. They are our inspiration.

INSIGHTis our reward

Insight sometimes comes in a lightning flash or a moment of serendipity. More often, however, it is the fruit of a long quest and years of careful research. Insight, when it comes, changes everything. It is our greatest reward.

“NOMIS is all about enabling outstanding talent to take on high-risk research.”

Georg Heinrich Thyssen,Chairman of the NOMIS Foundation
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