"NOMIS is all about enabling outstanding talent to take on high-risk research."
- Georg Heinrich “Heini” Thyssen, NOMIS Founder


Creating the spark

NOMIS’ vision is to “create a spark” in the world of science by enabling and supporting pioneering research in the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities that benefits humankind and our planet. Our mission is to support and enable insight-driven science across all disciplines, focusing on researchers who put forth bold new ideas, exhibit a pioneering spirit and seek to inspire the world around them.

The foundation serves as a catalyst for scientific and human progress by supporting interdisciplinary research, establishing collaborative research networks and developing strategic partnerships. In addition to providing financial support, NOMIS endeavors to develop and strengthen the conditions conducive to the pursuit of high-risk basic research.

Research is our passion

Research is the vital expression of humankind’s most important qualities: curiosity and imagination. It is the basis for all knowledge and discovery. Supporting research is our first priority and our passion.

People are our inspiration

Explorers, inventors, pioneers—dedicated researchers on the frontiers of science and the humanities. Their imagination and persistence drive all progress, overcome all odds and build the future. They are our inspiration.

Insight is our reward

Insight sometimes comes in a lightning flash or a moment of serendipity. More often, however, it is the fruit of a long quest and years of careful research. Insight, when it comes, changes everything. It is our greatest reward.

Our approach

NOMIS’ engagement focuses on institutions and researchers who share our vision and values and have been recommended by a member of NOMIS’ exclusive network of nominators. Our primary focus areas are: the NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award, fellowships, research grants, strategic alliances and partnerships, and network development.

NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Awards (NOMIS Awards)

NOMIS Awards are presented to exceptional and pioneering researchers who have made significant contributions in basic research, have the manifest potential for transformative future discoveries, and have the ability to inspire the world around them. Their bold ideas and unique approaches involve interdisciplinary collaboration and apply a broad range of methods, building bridges across the boundaries of disciplines. The NOMIS Award enables these exceptional, established scientists to continue exploring unconventional academic paths, thereby opening up new research fields and collaborations.

NOMIS fellowships

NOMIS fellowships support emerging, early-career researchers who, like other NOMIS researchers, demonstrate the potential to lead groundbreaking, high-risk basic research. With interdisciplinary collaboration at the heart of their innovative ideas and approaches, these researchers build bridges across the boundaries of disciplines.

NOMIS research grants

NOMIS research grants support unconventional research projects led by researchers who have demonstrated exceptional scientific capabilities and leadership. The grants enable scientists to spearhead pioneering research to answer bold questions and advance yet unexplored approaches across scientific and academic disciplines. We award research grants to investigators with an excellent track record in leading groundbreaking, high-risk basic research.

NOMIS strategic alliances and partnerships

NOMIS engages in collaborations with leading research organizations that foster the conditions conducive to pursuing interdisciplinary basic research and, through collaborative and innovative approaches, create synergistic opportunities to accelerate discovery and maximize impact. Developing long-term, mutually beneficial strategic alliances and partnerships with leading research institutions that share NOMIS’ vision and values is essential to fulfilling the NOMIS mission of supporting and enabling insight-driven science across all disciplines.

Network development

One of the foundation’s most important objectives is to enable transformational and interdisciplinary research and discoveries through collaboration. NOMIS aims to achieve this by becoming an enabling platform for research collaboration, knowledge sharing and the development of innovative initiatives connecting its community of institutions, researchers, scientists and scholars. The foundation actively encourages its researchers to collaborate on joint research projects, publications and initiatives.