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Carlos Alós-Ferrer

Carlos Alós-Ferrer

Carlos Alós-Ferrer is the NOMIS Professor for Decision and Neuroeconomic Theory at the University of Zurich (Switzerland). He co-led the project Feasibility Study: Biases and Cognitive Failures in Markets.

Born in Spain, Alós-Ferrer received his MSc in mathematics from the University of Valencia (Spain) in 1992. After working in the private sector, he went back to university and received his PhD in economics from the University of Alicante (Spain) in 1998. He was assistant professor at the University of Vienna (Austria) from 1997 to 2002, when he became associate professor (tenured) at the University of Salamanca. He returned to Vienna as (tenured) associate professor in 2004 and became full professor of microeconomics at the University of Konstanz (Germany). In 2012, he moved to the University of Cologne (Germany) as full professor of economics, and also became the Speaker of the multi-university research unit “PsychoEconomics,” funded by the German Research Foundation (2012-2019).

In 2016, he was elected to the Committee for Economics of the German Research Foundation (Fachkollegium Wirtschaftswissenschaften). In 2019, he became editor in chief of the Journal of Economic Psychology. His book “The Theory of Extensive Form Games” (2016), co-authored with Klaus Ritzberger, has been called “a true milestone for the theory of infinite extensive-form games.” He is the recipient of the 2005 Figdor Prize for Law, Social and Economic Sciences from the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Alós-Ferrer works in neuroeconomics, decision theory, game theory and mathematical economics. He is particularly interested in neuroeconomic theory (incorporating insights from neuroscience to improve economic models) and “psychoeconomics,” defined as the confluence of psychology, economics and neuroscience to study human decision making.

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