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Michel Maréchal

Michel Maréchal


NOMIS Project(s)

Michel Maréchal is professor of economics at the University of Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland). He is co-leading the Justice Study project.

In addition to these roles, Maréchal is also a research network affiliate at the Center for Economic Studies/ifo Institute (CESifo; Munich, Germany) and associate editor of the Journal of the European Economic Association.

Maréchal conducts interdisciplinary research at the intersections of economics, social psychology, criminology, political science and biology. He uses field and lab experimental methods, often in collaboration with firms, nonprofits and governmental organizations. His current research interests include unethical behavior and crime, organizational economics, social norms, as well as context-dependence in economic preferences.

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NOMIS researchers Michel Maréchal and Ernst Fehr, who is also a NOMIS board member, have published a study in Nature Communications: Motivated misremembering of selfish decisions. When people behave selfishly, […]

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