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May 13, 2024

Retrospective lineage reconstruction of humans predicts that dramatic clonal imbalances in the body can be traced to the 2-cell stage embryo. However, whether and how such clonal asymmetries arise in the embryo is unclear. Here, we performed prospective lineage tracing of human embryos using live imaging, non-invasive cell labeling, and computational predictions to determine the contribution of each 2-cell stage blastomere to the epiblast (body), hypoblast (yolk sac), and trophectoderm (placenta). We show that the majority of epiblast cells originate from only one blastomere of the 2-cell stage embryo. We observe that only one to three cells become internalized at the 8-to-16-cell stage transition. Moreover, these internalized cells are more frequently derived from the first cell to divide at the 2-cell stage. We propose that cell division dynamics and a cell internalization bottleneck in the early embryo establish asymmetry in the clonal composition of the future human body.

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