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February 14, 2023

Background: Recent efforts have described the evolution of glioblastoma from initial diagnosis to post-treatment recurrence on a genomic and transcriptomic level. However, the evolution of the proteomic landscape is largely unknown.

Methods: Sequential window acquisition of all theoretical fragment ion spectra mass spectrometry (SWATH-MS) was used to characterize the quantitative proteomes of two independent cohorts of paired newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastomas. Recurrence-associated proteins were validated using immunohistochemistry and further studied in human glioma cell lines, orthotopic xenograft models, and human organotypic brain slice cultures. External spatial transcriptomic, single-cell, and bulk RNA sequencing data were analyzed to gain mechanistic insights.

Results: Although overall proteomic changes were heterogeneous across patients, we identified BCAS1, INF2, and FBXO2 as consistently upregulated proteins at recurrence and validated these using immunohistochemistry. Knockout of FBXO2 in human glioma cells conferred a strong survival benefit in orthotopic xenograft mouse models and reduced invasive growth in organotypic brain slice cultures. In glioblastoma patient samples, FBXO2 expression was enriched in the tumor infiltration zone and FBXO2-positive cancer cells were associated with synaptic signaling processes.

Conclusions: These findings demonstrate a potential role of FBXO2-dependent glioma-microenvironment interactions to promote tumor growth. Furthermore, the published datasets provide a valuable resource for further studies.

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Oncology & Carcinogenesis