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April 13, 2023

We calculate reflectivities of dynamically compressed water, water-ethanol mixtures, and ammonia at infrared and optical wavelengths with density functional theory and molecular dynamics simulations. The influence of the exchange-correlation functional on the results is examined in detail. Our findings indicate that the consistent use of the HSE hybrid functional reproduces experimental results much better than the commonly used PBE functional. The HSE functional offers not only a more accurate description of the electronic band gap but also shifts the onset of molecular dissociation in the molecular dynamics simulations to significantly higher pressures. We also highlight the importance of using accurate reference standards in reflectivity experiments and reanalyze infrared and optical reflectivity data from recent experiments. Thus, our combined theoretical and experimental work explains and resolves lingering discrepancies between calculations and measurements for the investigated molecular substances under shock compression. © 2023 American Physical Society.

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