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Tony Wyss-Coray named one of TIME’s 50 most influential people in health care

NOMIS Distinguished Scientist Awardee Tony Wyss-Coray has been named to TIME magazine’s inaugural “Health Care 50” list, highlighting the top 50 people behind the extraordinary innovation in health care in the United States in 2018. The list pays tribute to the physicians, scientists, and business and political leaders who, in the face of the United States’ problematic health-care system, are transforming health care.

NOMIS Distinguished Scientist Awardee Wyss-Coray was recognized for his work in using blood plasma as a potential treatment for the aging human brain. This groundbreaking work has earned him countless other prizes, including the 2017 NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award.

Also included in the list is Salk Institute scientist Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, who was recognized for his scientific innovations in addressing the shortage of human organs for transplant. The Salk Institute has been a NOMIS partner since 2008.

The prestigious Health Care 50 list was curated by TIME’s team of health editors and reporters. The contributions were then evaluated based on key factors, including originality, impact and quality.

NOMIS is supporting Wyss-Coray’s continued research into identifying the circulatory factors that influence aging and using those factors to rejuvenate the aging or degenerated brain.


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