"NOMIS is all about enabling outstanding talent to take on high-risk research."
- Georg Heinrich “Heini” Thyssen, NOMIS Founder
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Call for proposals announced for NOMIS–ETH Fellowship Program

ETH Zurich has announced a call for proposals for the new NOMIS Foundation–ETH Fellowship Program.

The NOMIS Foundation–ETH Fellowship Program supports incoming postdoctoral researchers at ETH Zurich within the Centre for Origin and Prevalence of Life. The program is intended to foster young interdisciplinary researchers in the field of the origin and prevalence of life who have demonstrated scientific excellence in the early stages of their careers, and to enable conditions to conduct interdisciplinary, fundamental, and high-​risk research with the necessary independence (funding) and autonomy.

Applications have to be made jointly by the candidate and one or two potential hosts from two different disciplines, who must be ETH Zurich professors and willing to act as the mentors of the fellow. A professor may only host one candidate at a time. There must be convincing synergies between the host groups and the NOMIS–ETH Fellow. The fellowships are intended as early support towards academic independence; hence priority will be given to applicants who propose their own projects. Thus, it is important that applicants come up with their own ideas and draft the application themselves.

Once appointed, NOMIS–ETH Fellows become an integral part of and have direct access to an international network of leading interdisciplinary researchers and institutions through the NOMIS collaborative research network.

The duration of a NOMIS–ETH Fellowship is three to four years and cannot be prolonged. The fourth year is only granted after a review 18 months after the start of the fellowship and must be funded by the host professor(s). The fellowship is competitive, with only a limited number of fellowships (usually two to three) available each year.

More information is available at https://copl.ethz.ch/nomis-fellowship.html

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