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Alwin Köhler elected as EMBO member

NOMIS researcher Alwin Köhler has been elected as a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). Every year EMBO selects distinguished scientists who have made outstanding contributions in the life sciences. New members are elected by peers based on individual recommendations by renowned researchers in their respective fields.

Köhler studies the functional architecture of the cell nucleus, the signature organelle of eukaryotes. His group is particularly interested in the nuclear envelope, nuclear pore complexes and gene regulation. Köhler joined the Max Perutz Labs in 2010. He is professor of molecular biology and has been the scientific director of the institute since 2020. When asked what opportunities come with the election, he said:

“For me this is primarily about community-driven initiatives to foster the next generation. Science is relatively open and many researchers have risen from humble beginnings. But even so, we are losing out on thousands of smart but underprivileged students world-wide due to poverty, poor schooling and lack of opportunities. We have begun to increase gender and ethnic diversity in science, but I think that the socio-economic status should be the next big topic of debate.”

EMBO was founded in 1964 with the goal to create a central European laboratory for life sciences and increase scientific interactions between researchers in Europe. Its first chairman was Max Perutz with his longtime colleague and shared Nobel Prize winner John Kendrew as Secretary General. The organization has currently more than 1,800 members, including 90 Nobel laureates. EMBO members can actively participate in EMBO’s initiatives by serving on the organization’s council, committees and editorial boards, participating in the evaluation of applications for EMBO funding, acting as mentors to young scientists in our community, and advising on key activities. The organization directs funding from its member states toward research fellowships, courses, workshops, conferences and science policy initiatives, and also has a portfolio of journals.

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