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NOMIS Professorships at ETH Zurich

NOMIS Partnership

ETH Zurich is a leading science and technology university in Zurich, Switzerland, founded in 1855 as a center of innovation and knowledge.

Through this collaboration, ETH and NOMIS aim to advance our understanding of fundamental biological processes and mechanisms and accelerate the discovery processes that could lead to potential therapies for human genetic and other diseases. To this end, ETH and NOMIS have established two professorships:

Professorship of Genome Biology

The Professorship of Genome Biology is enabling the study of the functional elements encoded in complex genomes through comparative analysis, seeking to deepen our understanding of how the genetic variation in the human population is related to disease susceptibility.

Professorship of Cryo-Electron Microscopy

TheĀ Professorship of Cryo-Electron Microscopy is enabling the investigation of macromolecular machines mediating cell-cell interactions across different scales of resolution. In an interdisciplinary approach, the key technology cryo-electron tomography is being used to image macromolecules in their cellular context while engaging in mediation of cell-cell interactions. The resulting biological insights advance the fundamental understanding of cell-cell interactions and could lead to innovative antibiotic and/or drug delivery strategies.

Professor of Genome Biology
ETH Zurich
Professor of Cryo-Electron Microscopy
ETH Zurich