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A new multidisciplinary edited volume : “The Interoceptive Mind : from homeostasis to awareness”. 

Dear members and friends of the NOMIS community,

It is my pleasure to announce the publication of the first multidisciplinary volume on interoception that I co-edited with the good friend and colleague, philosopher Dr Helena Dr Preester from the University of Ghent : “The Interoceptive Mind : from homeostasis to awareness”.

Interoception is the body-to-brain axis of sensations that originates from the internal body and visceral organs. It plays a unique role in ensuring homeostasis, allowing human beings to experience and perceive the state of their bodies at any one time.  It is believed that beyond homeostasis interoception is fundamental in understanding human emotion and motivation and their impact upon behavior. That link between interoception and self-awareness is supported by a growing body of experimental findings. Interoception is rapidly gaining interest amongst those studying the human mind, with a 10-fold increase of scientific publications in this area over the last few years.

Our volume, the first multidisciplinary volume on interoception, covering psychological sciences, neuroscience and philosophy,  offers a state-of-the-art overview of, and insights into, the role of interoception for mental life, awareness, subjectivity, affect, and cognition. Structured across three parts, this multidisciplinary volume highlights the role that interoceptive signals, and our awareness of them, play in our mental life. It considers deficits in interoceptive processing and awareness in various mental health conditions. But it also considers the equally important role of interoception for well-being, approaching interoception from both a theoretical and a philosophical perspective.

The volume is coming out at the end of the month from Oxford University Press. You can find more info here : :https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-interoceptive-mind-9780198811930?cc=gb&lang=en&

It was a major but enjoyable task that to a large extent was energised by the intellectual space that the NOMIS Distinguished Scholar Award opened up for me and my research team.

Warm best

Manos Tsakiris


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