Luc Hoffman Institute

Solving conservation challenges collectively

The environmental challenges we face today can seem daunting and intractable. How to protect nature, balance the needs of people and the natural world, and shape a sustainable future – these are complex, multifaceted questions. We need to find better ways to answer them.

At the Luc Hoffmann Institute we help develop fresh insights into these challenges by encouraging open and honest conversations between voices from a wide range of disciplines, sectors and places. We understand how to create an environment that facilitates interaction and encourages new thinking.

We also believe that innovation and radical systems change are essential if nature and human development are to be sustained. We build on the insights that we help generate by working with a wide range of partners to identify and incubate exciting new ideas that can challenge the status quo.

The natural world is made up of interconnected parts that work together as a system. Strategies for protecting it should be no different.