ETH Zurich

Self-image and values
ETH Zurich regards itself as an institution with regional and national roots that is fully integrated in the international academic community. It measures itself in all respects against the world’s leading universities – from its education and research to its management.

ETH Zurich follows these basic principles:
It enables creativity
ETH Zurich fosters a culture of empowerment. It makes space for creativity and backs innovative and unconventional ideas.
It encourages expertise and initiative
The university has great faith in the many and diverse skills and talents of its members and supports them regardless of their gender, age or cultural, religious or social background. Encouraging a wide range of opinions is part of the university’s institutional identity and is a key factor behind the high level of motivation among members of the university.
It links education and research
A university education at ETH Zurich is inseparably linked to fundamental research at the highest level. All academic members of ETH Zurich play a part in teaching students and try to involve them in their research as soon as possible.
It shares knowledge
The distinguishing feature of an education at ETH Zurich is the teaching of sound knowledge of mathematics and other fundamental sciences. Courses on the humanities and social and management sciences are also an integral part of the education provided by the university. They impart knowledge that is essential for gaining a thorough understanding of social issues.
It operates sustainably
The ideas and work of ETH Zurich are characterised by sustainability, not only in education and research, but in all aspects of university life.