"NOMIS is all about enabling outstanding talent to take on high-risk research."
- Georg Heinrich “Heini” Thyssen, NOMIS Founder

As ice melts, biodiversity is lost

The NOMIS project Vanishing Glaciers — What Else Besides Water Is Lost? has been featured in an advertorial published in Science. “Glaciers are melting fast. Yet rising sea levels are […]

Imposter Majorana particles revealed and explained

NOMIS researcher Georgios Katsaros and colleagues have revealed the existence of a highly convincing kind of imposter Majorana particle. Their findings were published in Nature. Researchers at ISTA go looking […]

Catherine Dulac named University Professor at Harvard

NOMIS Awardee Catherine Dulac, along with two other Harvard researchers, have been named University Professors, Harvard’s highest distinction for a faculty member. A molecular biologist and geneticist studying the brain […]

How the brain responds to infection

NOMIS Awardee Catherine Dulac and colleagues have discovered a small population of neurons near the base of the brain that can induce symptoms of sickness, including fever, appetite loss, and […]

Modeling machine learning

NOMIS researcher Andrew Caplin and colleagues have published a working paper, “Modeling Machine Learning,” in the National Bureau of Economic Research. What do machines learn, and why? To answer these […]

2022 NOMIS Award presented to two pioneering scientists

Recognizing their outstanding contributions to the advancement of science and human progress through their pioneering, innovative and collaborative research, the 2022 NOMIS Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award was presented to Magdalena […]

On the trail of our ancestors

NOMIS researcher Martin Pilhofer has been profiled in an article by Beat Gygi in Die Weltwoche. The article was published in German; an English translation of the introduction follows. Nobel […]

Switzerland releases Sepsis National Action Plan

Led by NOMIS researcher Luregn Schlapbach, a group of over 40 national experts assembled a Swiss Sepsis National Action Plan. Enhancing innovative research that drives cutting-edge ideas from the bench […]