Ruben Garcia Santos

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Name Ruben Garcia Santos
About Me Before joining the NOMIS Foundation in 2017, Ruben spent over 15 years accross the Health Care (NHS UK), life science (Roche and Novo Nordisk) and international development sectors (United Nations). Throughout such period, Ruben held positions of increasing responsibility in the health promotion, commercial affairs, business development and strategic partnering and alliance management. Ruben holds a B.Sc. Joint Honors Business Management & Health Studies, UK, a M.Sc. in International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy from SDA Bocconi University, Milan, Italy and postgraduate education in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability from Harvard Business School, USA and Cambridge University, UK. Ruben's current research and areas of interests lie in disease prevention at biological and systemic levels, behavioural economics and innovative collaborative research networks across scientific disciplines. Ruben has dual citizenship Spanish-Swiss, is married and has two children.