Giving early-career scientists the chance to chase untouchable ideas

November 3, 2023

The NOMIS Fellowship Programs at ETH Zurich, ISTA and the Salk Institute have been featured in an advertorial in Science. NOMIS Fellows David Brückner, Anna-Maria GlobigMaayan Levy, Zhi Liu and Craig Walton, along with Didier Queloz, the director of the Centre for Origin and Prevalence of Life at ETH, shared their perspectives on the importance of enabling early-career scientists to perform high-risk basic research. An excerpt follows.

Humanity’s grand challenges—climate change, food and water security, unlocking the mysteries of the brain and the origin of life, and more—do not fall neatly into a single scientific discipline. They occur at the bleeding edge of fields. Overcoming these grand challenges is going to take a new way of doing science.

The NOMIS Foundation, based in Zurich, began its voyage of supporting ambitious basic and interdisciplinary research over a decade ago. Focusing on researchers who advance bold new ideas, exhibit a pioneering spirit, and seek to inspire the world around them, NOMIS’ mission is to support and enable basic and interdisciplinary research projects around the world that share this leitmotif. Extending this support to early-career scientists, the foundation has established postdoctoral fellowships in partnership with ETH Zurich, the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (ISTA) near Vienna, and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California. These fellowships have a simple yet purposeful agenda: to foster and enable a new generation of scientists and researchers capable of solving humanity’s most complex questions.

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NOMIS Fellowship Programs

NOMIS Fellowships support emerging, early-career researchers who, like other NOMIS researchers, demonstrate the potential to lead groundbreaking, high-risk basic research. With interdisciplinary collaboration at the heart of their innovative ideas and approaches, these researchers build bridges across the boundaries of disciplines.

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