Conversations on Sustainability: Microbes and Climate Change

December 19, 2021

As part of Conversations on Sustainability, a webinar series hosted by the Caltech Science Exchange, Dianne Newman, Gordon M. Binder/Amgen Professor of Biology and Geobiology and Ecology and Biosphere Engineering Initiative Lead for the Resnick Sustainability Institute; and NOMIS Awardee Victoria Orphan, James Irvine Professor of Environmental Science and Geobiology and Allen V. C. Davis and Lenabelle Davis Leadership Chair of the Center for Environmental Microbial Interactions; discussed their research into the connections between microorganisms and climate change.

Orphan and Newman explain how microbes have shaped Earth to allow for complex life such as plants and animals, how microorganisms are adapting to the warming planet, and how humans might be able to use these organisms to help address climate change.

Here, they talk with Caltech science writer Lori Dajose (BS ’15).

A condensed transcript of the Dec. 8 webinar is available on Caltech’s website