NOMIS Fellow Jakub Stejskal opens spring lecture series: Images in Space

March 19, 2021

Modern Western reflections on the nature of images have predominantly focused on pictures, that is, images on flat surfaces, as paradigmatic examples of depiction. Discussions of images with three-dimensional supports have thus often been derivative or completely sidestepped. Jakub Stejskal, NOMIS Fellow at eikones – Center for the Theory and History of Images at the University of Basel (Switzerland), has organized a lecture series of talks, Images in Space, aimed to shift focus to three-dimensional images ‘in the round’ like sculptures, figurines, or models, and to investigate the specifics, whatever they may be, that issue from their 3D nature. Of interest will be anthropological, historical, as well as philosophical approaches. Some of the relevant questions include: In what aspects has a production/reception/circulation of spatial images differed from pictures? Is there anything specific about 3D image vehicles that a depiction theory should reflect? How have various histories and anthropologies of images succeeded or failed to recognize the difference?

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