Biodiversity Revisited project advances with steering committee meeting at ETH Zurich

February 5, 2019

Boston University: “Najam Chairs ‘Biodiversity Revisited’ Meeting at ETH-Zurich”

Adil Najam, Dean of the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, chaired a February 1, 2019 steering committee meeting at ETH-Zurich of a major project by the Luc Hoffman Institute entitled “Biodiversity Revisited: Sparking A New Approach To Research For The Biosphere.”

The project convenes interdisciplinary experts in an intensive collaborative research process to critically evaluate what has come before – and to think creatively about the future of the science and policy that underpin biodiversity conservation. Biodiversity Revisited will create a new research agenda for society to effectively sustain the biosphere.

The goal of Biodiversity Revisited is to critically examine the biodiversity narrative and consider what it would take to move closer to a new, innovative agenda around sustaining the biosphere. The committee will explore what such a framing would look like and what its new science would encompass.

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